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A particularly big welcome to our nation's capital and congratulations with the next member of the BidJungle team, ACT Tender Centre aiming to have its first sale on the weekend of the 11-12.10.14.

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Central Coast Lot 23911

Central Coast Lot 25052

Central Coast Lot 25096

Central Coast Lot 25126

Central Coast Lot 25439

Central Coast Lot 25666

Central Coast Lot 25680

Central Coast Lot 26617

Central Coast Lot 26062

Central Coast Lot 26628

Central Coast Lot 26814

Central Coast Lot 26822

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    Most of you are probably familiar with what great places tender centres and silent auction houses are. These places are treasure troves to find bargains, see unique items, experience the fun of bidding at a convenient time, and maybe make a bit of extra money while clearing space at home.


    BidJungle is an organisation that was formed to fill a need in Australia for a dedicated service provider for the silent auction and tender centre industry. BidJungle's founders run a silent auction house on the Central Coast and were not satisfied with the services available to their business. After developing products to better meet their requirements they found that a number of other businesses also were interested in receiving better service and BidJungle was born.


    BidJungle's goal is to help all team member silent auction and tender centres have all the tools necessary to provide the best possible service to their customers at a reasonable price. In addition, we can help anyone interested in starting a silent auction house or tender centre of their own. Any parties interested in finding out more should contact BidJungle at 0434 380 773 or any of the other points of contact listed on the website.

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